Maxim Smirnov
Motion Designer

Hey there! I’m a creative motion designer based in St. Petersburg.

About me

I am calm about routine tasks if they alternate with interesting and new tasks that I have not encountered before. I am a good teacher, I easily find a common language with people, I will always help and answer questions in an accessible way. I love to organize everything and add logic and order to my work. I always try to improve my skills by taking various courses.

My tools:
- Houdini (Junior)
- Redshift (Junior)
- Unreal Engine (Intern)
- Adobe After Effects (Senior)

Chulakov Studio
Motion Designer
August 2016 — August 2018
BTS Digital
Motion Designer
September 2018 — September 2019
Aitu Dala
Motion Designer
September 2018 — October 2021
Motion Designer
October 2021 — Until now
Motion Designer
Always :-) it's time to stop

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